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    Sexual Disorders--Male 

    Hand practice or masturbation 

    1. Night Fall

    The ejaculation at the time of dreaming of beautiful of beautiful girl or dreaming about intercourse during sleeping is called nightfall. 2 to 3 night falls in a month is a healthy sign but the increase in no. of night falls is a problem. If you are suffering from night fall, then you should be taken a medicine, and cure yours problems. It has some causes as well as naked pictures, bad books and magazine and bad thoughts, oily and spicy things. So that avoid from all these things. Then you will feel good health and happy life. Our self prepared medicine, whose prepared with Ayurvedic herbs should be taken three month course. And after that month by month you realized get success after minimum three month course

    2. Impotency

    Full Impotency

    In such case person is unable to intercourse or unable to make a woman conceived is known as full impotence. In such casa despite to do intercourse penis does not erect, It remains like a lothal of flesh. Despite of desire penis does not erects if erects it ejaculate very early. Such type of person are not liked by women & are also unable to produce a child.

    Partial Impotency

    In these type of cases penis does erect at the time of sexual intercourse but does not erect steadily because of which woman does not feel get satisfied, Sperms get ejeculate at early stage.
    With our treatment, Such sort of disorders get rectified & man feels new energy with in himself

    3. Spermatorrhoea

    It is part of sex problem. It is just like nightfall problem. In this problem, semen mix in urine that is called Dhant. So that avoid from oily and spicy things we prepared a Ayurvedic herbs for this problem of minimum three month course. So cure your problem with our Ayurvedic herbs and get success and save your life.

    4. Urinal Disorder

    Less Fertility Of Sperms

    The discharge of sperms with urine or stool is called urinal disorder. This is very dangerous to health. All the collected sperms comes out with in 2-3 years. With the increase in this problem the sperms become thinner and later on collapses. Such type of people do not satisfy their partners and the increase of this problem leaves the way for full impotency

    5. Pre-mature ejaculation

    The early ejaculation while doing an intercourse with woman is called premature ejaculation. The time period for intercourse should be minimum 5 to 6 minutes & with Practice it can be increased up to one hour . If the duration of ejaculation is less than 5 to 6 minutes then it should be understand that it is a problem of premature ejaculation. 

    The presence of this problem can be attributed to the following problems:
    1. In such case person suffering from this problem happens to ejaculate during dreaming about a woman.
    2. Also he ejaculates even hugging a woman.
    3. Ejaculation comes even on insertion of the penis in vagina.
    4. Some people suffering from this disorder get ejaculated on touching or rubbing the clothes of a woman

    Most of the people did not discuss their problem due to shyness. Due to this shyness they even spoil their lives.
    Such kind of problems also becomes the reasons of family problems. also proves to be family clashes because the woman does not get satisfied and she tries to find other alternatives in the form of other men and also start hating with her husband in such cases person normally tries to commit suicide, the result of is always very drastic.

    The question for most men then becomes, "how do I know if I’m ejaculating early or not?" Good question! Defining what constitutes early ejaculation has caused a great deal of debate among experts, primarily because any quantitative definition is inevitably subjective in nature. Several researchers have attempted to quantifiably define early ejaculation in the past, definitions which most often used either time limitations, or counted number of thrusts during vaginal containment of the penis. For example, attempts were made at defining early ejaculation as men who ejaculated thirty seconds to a minute after vaginal penetration; or men who ejaculated following five to ten thrusts after initial penetration. These quantifiable definitions are lacking in that they are not applicable to many men’s situations. The most objective, and therefore most useful, definition of early ejaculation remains that early ejaculation is when a man is consistently ejaculating sooner than he and his partner would prefer. 

    Early ejaculation is treated most effectively with a combination of couples counseling to deal with the emotional factors involved, and specialized cognitive-behavioral techniques such as sensate focus and the stop-start technique. Counseling for men who suffer with early ejaculation traditionally focuses upon issues related to performance anxiety, sex being seen as a penis-focused/goal oriented act, and issues surrounding masturbation. For example, approximately 90% of men report masturbating as an adult, and for many, masturbation was their first sexual experience resulting in orgasm. Male masturbation naturally tends to be a penis-focused act and there is usually a great focus on "finishing" as soon as possible for fear of being caught in the act. In other words, the goal of masturbation is orgasm, and the man tries to reach that goal as fast as he possibly can. As a result, many men learn to associate the entire sexual experience with the goal oriented, time limited act of masturbation. This example was not given to imply that all early ejaculation is the result of associations formed during childhood masturbation, or that all early ejaculation even masturbate; it was given as an example of issues which are likely to be dealt with in therapy for treatment of early ejaculation.

    Research shows that if early ejaculation is treated by a professional sex therapist, with a dynamic approach to treatment as discussed above, there is a very good chance that both the male and his partner will be pleased with the results

    6. For Vigor and Vitality

    We help you in maintains your Vigor and Vitality by our natural medicine. It is unique well balanced nerving tonic with Ayurvedic Mineral. It enhances the functions of the male sexual organs and helps in the development and the maintenance of its size with its tonic effect. It improves poor erection, Premature Ejaculation and Spermatorrhoea. Its regular use improves both desire and performance. It is non-hormonal product and has no side effects on prolonged use. It is not habit forming

    7. Hand practice or masturbation

    It is related with sex problem. It's mean semen discharge with own hands. It is very serious disease whose is spoil the life. A man to be seem aged or old than real age. Due to this problem a man is not to the seems a youth, smart and active. With this problem is to create a spermatorrohea, nightfall, Pre-mature ejaculation. So, please cure your problem with three month course of our self made of Ayurvedic herbs

    8. Necessary features of semen

    The man with following features can get a women pregnant:
    1. At the time of ejaculation the quantity of semen should be 3ml. to 6ml.(About 45 to 90 drops)
    2. The quantity of sperms in semen should be 50 to 60 million per ml.
    3. The movable percentage of sperms will be 70.5% of the total percentage
    4. The quantity of open head sperms should be PH 7:8 To PH 8:2.It depends upon the acidity or 
    alkali of the sperms. The report of the sperms will be written as follows

     Volume = 3ml. To 6ml.
    PH = 7:8 To 8:2
    Number = 50 To 60 million Per ml.
    Motility = 70% To 75%

    In case of abnormality it will be mentioned separately in the report



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